Take Back Control

Your Personal Plan to help you thrive through the Menopause

If your approaching or already going through menopause and you aren’t sure where to turn for reliable, practical advice that actually works, here you will learn the stages of menopause (and why some women don’t even know they’re in it until it’s over!), and together we will uncover powerful strategies for optimizing your nutrition, weight loss, exercise, lifestyle, mental health and mindset.

You’ll build a personalised, comprehensive health and fitness plan that will help you feel energised and empowered throughout this stage of life.

5 short modules packed with value and 5 downloadable worksheets to help you set your menopause strategy.

Complete the course seeing menopause as a time of growth, strength, health, and empowerment. A time you can get in tune with what you really need and want in life — and build a roadmap to get there.