My Story

A warm welcome from Jo Baldock!

I’m thrilled you’re here, taking the time to learn more about me and my work.

I reside in East Sussex, on England’s south coast, with my husband Richard, our two teenage daughters, and our lively Jack Russell Terrier, Betty. I’m a Leo by zodiac sign, known for my loyalty, organisation, love for animals, and deep passion for my family and home.

For 25 years, I dedicated my career to the demanding world of financial advising, navigating a competitive male-dominated corporate environment. While I thrived in this fast-paced, ego-driven industry, I gradually felt the toll it took on my personal life.

Despite working tirelessly, I always believed that life rewards those who put in the effort. Long hours became the norm, even to the point of bringing my laptop to friends’ dinners, taking calls, and sending emails late into the evening. Even family holidays were marred by my constant connection to my phone, glued to it while lying by the pool.

In early 2019, a shift occurred. Despite my unwavering dedication, the work environment turned toxic. I missed out on precious moments with my daughters, feeling trapped by the regular income that no longer compensated for the personal sacrifices.

Over the following months, while maintaining a positive and determined outlook, my well-being began to deteriorate. Burnout set in, clouding my thoughts, and leaving me running on empty, fuelled by an unhealthy diet of coffee and stress, all while trying to maintain a brave face.

Then, one morning, after yet another exhausting meeting, I trudged back to my desk, feeling utterly drained, useless, and stripped of my confidence and pride. Lost and broken, I realised that it was time to leave. With no prior planning, I walked away.

Without a clear plan, income, or direction, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I spent time with loved ones, met inspiring women, and delved into research, exploring how life experiences and the treatment of others profoundly impact our well-being, far beyond the surface.

When the world plunged into lockdown in early 2020, my situation further compounded. Not only was I jobless, but I also fell into unhealthy habits, overindulging in food and alcohol. Perimenopause symptoms emerged, leaving me forgetful and drained, struggling to function on some days.

A pivotal decision emerged: it was time to reclaim my life. I joined an online wellness accountability group, and within weeks, I was captivated by the positive transformation I experienced. For the first time in months, I adopted healthy eating habits, not through restrictive dieting but through mindful choices. I grew stronger, gained energy, and witnessed a significant mood lift.

Sharing my journey on social media served as a personal accountability tool, and as I engaged with an online community, my confidence soared. The curiosity and conversations sparked by my experiences, and a burning passion ignited within me. I made a resolute decision: my experiences, emotional baggage, and menopause would not break me; they would shape me.

This newfound determination fuelled my drive to become the best version of myself, rekindle my passion, and empower others. I envisioned a community where midlife women could reconnect with their purpose, confidence, and mindset, embracing their authentic selves as they transitioned into the next chapter of their lives.

I am wholeheartedly committed to raising awareness of menopause, once a taboo topic, and helping women thrive. I also aim to educate others about the profound impact menopause can have on women, both personally and professionally.

As a qualified Menopause Wellness Practitioner, Accredited Life Coach, and licensed Menopause Workplace Trainer, I bring a unique perspective and level of compassion to my work. I empower others to overcome life’s challenges and create lasting success.

When not immersed in my work, I cherish time with my family.

You’ll find me loving girly days with my daughters, enjoying theatre outing and shopping adventures.

We relish family meals and travelling.

I strive every day to excel not only as a business owner but also as an exceptional mother and wife.